Journey Through Sat Chit Ananda: Truth, Awareness, Bliss

with Vasant Lad

Friday, Jun. 28, 2024

Doors: 6:00pm - Start: 7:00pm - End: 9:00pm

AyurPrana Listening Room

312 Haywood Rd

Asheville, NC 28806

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Sat Chit Ananda is a Sanskrit term used in Indian philosophy and spirituality that offers a profound framework for holistic well-being, inner fulfillment, mindfulness, spiritual growth, and harmony with the world around us. It guides individuals towards a life of balance, consciousness, and lasting happiness, which are valuable goals for personal growth and fulfillment.

During this extraordinary webinar, Vasant Lad will seamlessly guide you on a mystical journey, transcending the boundaries of the physical world to the ethereal realm of the metaphysical. Drawing from his lifetime of spiritual practice, he will unveil the art of perceiving the universe through the film of divinity.

Vasant Lad will teach you how to navigate both planes, revealing hidden connections and unveiling the sacred in the ordinary as he gracefully weaves between these dimensions. Gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and experience a profound shift in your perception and prepare to witness the world in a new light, where every moment holds the potential for divine revelation.


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