Data Sharing Agreement

This Data Sharing Agreement describes the way in which StageHound (“we”, “our”, or “us”) shares data that is gathered within our platform and subject to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Specifically this agreement details how we take the gathered data to share it with third-parties and our goals in sharing this data.

Additionally if you are a resident of California or a citizen of the European Union then there will be specific information pertaining to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Information Gathered

In addition to the data gathered listed in the Privacy Policy you may provide to us your demographic data, location, and other personal information within your account settings. We may also collect information about your purchases, donations, or other habits and trends while on our platform.

Information Used

While we may use this information for a variety of reasons the main purpose will be to enable Event providers to check patrons in to their events, increase the usability of our platform, to expand into areas we determine to be popular among a growing amount of our users, and for internal marketing for new events in your area. As part of engaging with third-party databases—specifically Stripe—we may be required to share our data and by using our platform you expressly agree to this use. This information will be shared using standard industry data transfer practices. We will also only share the data with companies that we believe will properly secure and safeguard your data against unauthorized intrusion. Should you request your information be deleted subject to the terms of this agreement and the Privacy Policy then we will also relay this request to the third-party so they may also remove any personally identifiable information from their databases.

Information Ownership

The information listed in the Privacy Policy is owned by you and you have certain rights and abilities under that policy with respect to that data. However, the information we gather from within our own platform, which we then process to increase the usability, is wholly owned by us. You may request that your personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, or email address, be removed in order to provide a layer of anonymity. If such a request is made we may, at our discretion, replace your name with a unique identifier which will allow us to comply with your request while still being able to identify the group of data based on your use of our platform. This information cannot be used to identify you personally as we will use a nonsensical identification system.

Information Requests

In accordance with the CCPA, GDPR, and general privacy rights throughout the US and the world, you may decide to opt out of marketing emails or to view the information that we have collected about you. Additionally you may limit our ability to sell this information to third-parties. To do so you will need to contact us at the address below stating who you are and what you are requesting.

CCPA - Specifically addressing California residents, you may at any time give us notice at the address below that you do not want us to sell your information to any third-parties. Upon receiving notice we will comply with this request as expeditiously as possible.

GDPR - Specifically addressing European citizens, you have the right to your own private lives. To that end, you may request that we delete any information that is not fundamentally required to access or use our platform, that we do not transfer this data to any third-parties, and that we do not use your data for any of our marketing programs.

General Information

This agreement may be updated from time to time as we continually update our data sharing initiatives. In the event of a discrepancy between the Privacy Policy and this agreement then this agreement will govern. Customer service is our primary focus so if you have questions or concerns at any time regarding the information gathered or used please contact us.